Terriers are known for their cheeky personalities and their tendency provoking much bigger dogs. The vast majority of breeds in this group are little, such as the Norfolk and Cairn, however there are big terriers in this group, such as the Airedale. The name “terrier” originates from the Latin word “land,” which means earth. Terriers were originally created to chase and kill vermin, and their bodies were design to get into tight places to find their expected prey. Chasing vermin frequently included digging in the earth, and most of owners know, the present of Terriers dog requires a decent palce in the yard. A terrier will bark up a storm at any human or animal who approaches their turf. The terrier’s intuitive want to pursue little creatures makes them perfect for single-pet homes as it were. These are feisty, enthusiastic dogs whose sizes run from genuinely little, as in the Norfolk, Cairn or West Highland White Terrier, to the amazing Airedale Terrier. Most terriers have wiry fur that require special grooming known as stripping. All in all, they make drawing in pets, yet require proprietors with the assurance to coordinate their pooches’ vivacious characters.