Surprising Facts about Blue Nose Pitbull you should know

Blue Nose Pitbull is not only famous for its adorable face, but it is also known as the most loyal dog. Do you want to impress your dog-lover friends? Do not worry because we have a complete list of some fascinating facts about Blue Nose Pitbull.

Dogs which have a unique colored coat always appeal dog-lovers and that is why breeds of Pitbull are very famous. That is the reason most people show interesting in having Pitbull. A Blue Nose Pitbull will always stand out of the crowd because of its striking looks. The most stunning feature of Pitbull is its blue eyes and blue nose brindle. It has an exotic flare.

However, there are various interesting facts about Blue Nose Pitbull that potential owners should always know. These facts might fascinate you.

Reasons to Get a Blue Nose Pitbull

A walk in the park will help you recognize how many breeds of dogs are out there with unique coat colors. However, you will be surprised to know that there are only 2 basic coat colors.

  1. Red or Phaeomelanin
  2. Black or Eumelanin

However, depending on the genes there are different ways in which pigments are expressed. It created various amazing shades of the coat.

The blue color of the Blue Nose Pitbull is due to dilution of its black color.

It has a Recessive Gene

The blue nose in the Pitbull is because of a rare gene. The gene for blue color is a recessive gene. It means that two Pitbulls with the same gene should breed to make another.

There are some breeders who have started breeding Blue Nose Pitbull because of their fame. They are trying to create as many puppies as possible. It might sound a great idea but it might lead to some health issues.

Not a Unique Breed

The Blue Nose Pitbull is not considered a unique or official breed. They are considered in the category of American Pitbull Terriers. However, term Pitbull is also given to another Bull breed as well that makes it hard to differentiate.

However, they often have similar personality traits like the American Pitbull Terriers. However, purebred of this species is not available.

Cost of puppy

If you are planning to have a Blue Nose Pitbull do not forget to consider its price. Remember that they do not come cheap. The increased demand for this breed has also raised its price

You might have to pay thousands of dollars to get your puppies. Blue lust is also the leading cause of bad breeding practice.

Selective Breeding

There are some breeders who selectively breed the dog because it has a recessive gene. That is why they are breeding the dog especially for their blue color. However, they do not know that it is creating various temperament and health problems on the dog.

Most of the breeders pay for attention to inbreeding but they do not consider the health problems it is creating.

If you want to get a Blue Nose Pitbull to make sure that you look for the breeders who are using responsible breeding practice. They should be performing health checks on the female and male parents and puppies of dog.


Health issues you should know about

There are some serious health problems in Blue Nose Pitbull that you should know about. They are commonly suffering from allergies and different other skin conditions as compared to other breeds. They also suffer from various other health issues. Make sure that you collect information about the health of parents of puppies you are planning to buy. It is better to get the puppies tested before you bring them home.

Surprising Facts about Blue Nose Pitbull you should know

A perfect pet

With proper training you can have an amazing companion for life. You will have to use positive reinforcement technique for training your Blue Nose Pitbull. You will be able to work with your dog. Do not make the mistake of working against it.

Convert training into a fun game to make it easier for your dog to learn the new skills. You have to create a real bond. They will make a perfect pet because Blue Nose Pitbull is a family oriented dog. Even when the dog is fully grown it will still consider itself a lap dog.

It is not a Guard dog

If you are planning to keep Pitbull as a guard dog you need to know that they have a very bad reputation in this field. Instead of defending your home it might start playing with the intruder. They do not have a nasty nature but it happens because of the way they will hold and grab.

Hard to get along with other pets

The Blue Nose Pitbull will always prefer people over pets because they belong to the breed of Pitbull. That is why they will not easily get along with other dogs and even pets.

That is why it is better that you should not visit the play areas or dog parks with your dog. You should use a leash if you are not sure how your dog might react. They have very powerful jaws and a single grip can lead to a severe injury.

Intelligent and Smart

You will be surprised to know that Blue Nose Pitbull is a very smart dog. You should not get fooled by their muscles. They have intelligent brands due to which you will have to pay attention to mental stimulation if you want to keep your puppy happy.

If your Pitbull is bored by any chance it can be destructive. That is why you should train your dog properly and assure that they get enough time to play and exercise. Never leave your dog alone for a long time. Assure that you buy them some durable toys and they should always have a lot of fun.

Make sure that you plan everything properly before you plan to bring home a Blue Nose Pitbull. You might also need a little training to assure that you can take good care of your puppy.

Surprising Facts about Blue Nose Pitbull you should know

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